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Dawson Moore

Dawson Moore lives and works on a 6th generation family farm in Harbor Springs, MI. He has spent the last several years learning traditional methods of working with the local trees, from log to finished everyday household items like spoons, cups, stools and chairs. The work is driven by the joy of using simple hand tools that help maintain a close connection with the wood. The final objects are meant to show plainly both this process and the full potential of the material. Glassy smooth and textured surfaces straight from the tools, and unexpectedly light, flexible components chosen carefully to be the minimum necessary to fulfill their function. 

Moore is inspired by Educational Sloyd, a craft teaching system developed in Sweden in the 1870’s, which emphasizes making projects grow in degree of difficulty over a period of time through the gradual introduction of complexity of shape, procedures and tools. Low instructor intervention is meant to encourage self sufficiency and develop one’s own sense of quality work. Moore teaches sloyd based wood carving courses at a handful of regional Folk Schools.


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